Saturday, May 4, 2024

Sooooo much has happened....


*** To Start I'm with Stampin' Up! now!!! YIKES! After 27 years with CTMH, can you believe it.

The good part is that THEY are an AMAZING company & I cannot wait to teach you TONS of new things with all their amazing products. 

AND for those of you that are my Scrapbookers - JUST Wait!!! There is lots coming down the pike this year that they are adding. It will be fabulous. I'm confident in that!

*** My Website has a NEW Name!!! It now coordinates with all my other "Gigglinhearts" Brand

*** I was able to go to Utah & MEET everyone from Stampin' Up & say goodbye to the Corporate office. I wish them all the best & I'm grateful for the experience. It changed my life in SO very many ways & taught me who I am & where my heart lies. It wasn't all great, but it was AMAZING. I am so very blessed and grateful for all the wonderful memories, friendships, and adventures I was able to experience because of CTMH. It will forever be a part of me!

Me & Sara with Stampin' Up!

*** I had some orders that have been waiting for some cricut cuts and the GREAT NEWS is.... THEY ARE ALL DONE & SHIPPING ON MONDAY!!!! YIPPPEEE!!!

INCLUDING the Free-bies! If you place an order in Feb, March or April I have a free gift for you thats shipping Monday

*** Next, I finally at 11 weeks found homes for most of my Golden Doodle Puppies. Unfortunately, I took a loss on them & they were an exhausting experience - by myself. BUT I survived. If you've ever had 8 babies & toddlers at once for 11 weeks without diapers, 24/7 - then you know how much work, they are.

Note: I do have one little girl that her new owner was in a bad accident & I'm waiting to hear if she's up for a puppy now. 

**** AND if that wasn't enough to deal with in the past 11 weeks, my family and I have both had major health issues going on. I've had numerous Dr appts. My parents have both been super sick. I had an appt at OHSU in Portland which is 4 hours away.  

THANK YOU so much for your patience with everything! I appreciate those of you that truly have been understanding and not frustrated with me. I can't THANK YOU enough!

I also can't Thank those of you that have been shopping on my CTMH site. I'm so very grateful for all your support. I can't wait to design for you & get back to work.