Thursday, September 30, 2021


 I am SO very excited to Announce, I made it to "FOUNDER"! Which is a big big deal in the CTMH world. I never ever thought I would achieve this level. It requires a lot of sales. THANK YOU for making that happen for me.

AND I'm so excited! I earned the Hawaii trip for 1 and accommodations for 2. The airfare for 2 is still a stretch so we'll have to pay for Sean. BUT that's OK we'll find a way to make it there. We at least made the trip & won't have to pay for the accommodations. Hawaii next to Disney is a very special place for us. I'm hoping my family will join us as well. Its been 10 years since we've been and are very grateful AND excited to go given our circumstances. 
Thank you again for ALL of your amazing SUPPORT!
We are truly grateful!