Tuesday, February 14, 2023

DYNAMITE Disney KIT - NEW 2023



Saying I'm so incredibly EXCITED to be releasing a BRAND New Disney Kit, is an understatement!!!!  It has been a long time coming & it has felt like a lot of pressure to me. Hopefully you will LOVE these new designs as much as I do. It is definitely more of a "Generic" kit but my brain has lots of specific pages in mind too. This is a jump start for me!!! 

This DYNAMIC Kit is filled with FUN techniques & ideas for using 6x6 paper stacks. They have become all the rage & it was so great to design with this wonderful color pallet!

When I saw this special, I was SO excited because I knew it would be so great for Disney. I also mixed in a special pack that I have been "SAVING" for just the right kit!  Its called "CHEERFUL" and it was never sold separately. HOWEVER, since I made founder last year I was able to get my hands on it & I LOVE it so much. It coordinates with these prints perfectly!


Please Note there will NOT be Cutting Guide for this File. Please see my note on the Cricut PAGE for this decision. I am SO excited to be back. I am just grateful I can still create for you!

If you would like to purchase the Kit it includes a TON of Product, My Color Guide & Instructions for Assembly. I will also have Assembly TIPS & Techniques Video's available for everyone that purchases the kit.  Kits & Video's will ship early March!

In the future I will offer just cricut cut images to purchase. Until I get used to cutting with out my Sean helper I am going to limited this to just the kit so that I don't get too over whelmed. 

Don't forget to pick up the BONUS BUNDLE! You will NEED these items!
As a THANK YOU, I'm giving you FREE shipping on them!

CRICUT / E-File Cutting Guide Updates

Hi Friends & Fans!

I have made a difficult decision. I LOVE designing cricut images & that has sort of been what I'm known for. With the recent path CTMH has taken in regarding cricut images & going to strictly SVG images, I can no longer "SHARE" my images from them. It is also getting increasingly difficult to share my designs used in cricut as well. I will be investing in software so that I can design and share my own images. This will take me some time to get that all under my belt.

I have decided I can no longer share any Cricut / SVG files. I will no longer be selling my guides that include those images. For every 1 file I might sell, I have 100's of emails after the fact asking for help & guidance. "My images won't load, It says this image is Banned, I click on it and nothing happens" The complaints from the multiple systems across the world & who has what images, updates, etc. It is TOO MUCH for me to deal with and most issues are out of my control. Stuff that I can't fix. Cricut has made substantial changes over the years & my old files are complicated to get to work. It causes me so much stress. For this reason I am deciding at this time NOT to continue "selling my files" if you would like just the cut images I will have a new options for that. I am still working out the details in regards to that but be looking for that option coming soon.

As I get back into working full time again this may change but for now, NO Guides with Cricut or SVG images will be sold or shared. That includes International.

Thanks for understanding!


Thursday, January 5, 2023

I'm Back!!! NEW Kit NOW Available for Ordering!

 Hey Gigglin' Hearts Fans, Friends & Family!

If you follow my personal pages & FB you will know my husbands Sean's battle with cancer ended Aug 25th, 2022 unfortunately. He fought for 3 VERY long years. I am grateful for all your support during that time. I appreciate your patience more than you will ever know. 

I LOVE him so very much. I miss him EVERYDAY! Aug 28th would have been our 29th anniversary. The last 4 months have been super difficult. One day I'm fine, the next I'm a mess. Its very very taxing. So I'm hoping I can find some relief in being creative again and that being said I NEED to get back to work.

I am unsure if I will be able to continue with CTMH or not. If I can support myself with my CTMH income alone. This year - 2023 will be the test. On November 7th, 2022 I celebrated my 25th Anniversary with CTMH and I couldn't even celebrate that feet because of my grief. SOOOO Like Disney, since this is my 25th year, we will have a special surprise each month to celebrate!

First up is a "Starter Back" kit for me.

Its not my typical kit. There is no Cricut cuts. I am unsure how I am going to design, do guides, proof and cut everything with out Sean's help. I only purchased 11 of them. Typically I would do 25-30 kits. So this is EXTREMELY limited. However I will say this is a GREAT kit for people with little time OR for people just starting out, and anyone that LOVES to just play with papers! HA! You will love this album when it is complete!


Pre-Recorded Videos will be Available & FEB 11th, 2023 
JOIN me for assembly instructions OR watch the replays!

There are 3 options for ordering this kit...

1) Layout GUIDES & FREE Online Classes     $30

2) You Cut Kit & FREE Online Classes        Reg. $143.86 - ONLY $125

3) PRE-CUT Cadillac Kit!!! I do all the hard work for you!   Reg. $176 - ONLY $157


What's Included?

1) The Layout Guides & Classes: Consists of a 22 page Instruction & Cutting Guide + an 14 page full color pictures of the layouts & tips. The FREE Classes will have pre-recorded cutting videos along with an online day with me & other pre-recorded videos for the pages.

2) YOU CUT Kit & Classes will include: Everything you need to create these 28 pages. A TON of paper AND I scored it all ON SALE so I'm passing that savings on to you! $19 SAVINGS!

  • CC10228 These are the days Calendar Kit $42 - Sold out
  • All 4 qty Four Seasons Paper Packs $32
  • 33 Sheets of Cardstock $23+
  • A1269 Memo Alphabet Stamp Set $9
  • Z4634 Black & White Dots $6
  • 4 yards of Ribbon & 24” Silver Shimmer Trim
  • Hydrangea Liquid Pearls—Not a ctmh color 
  • Shipping / Handling + NO Sales Tax
  • FREE 36 page Color Guides PRINTED & Emailed $18+ value just for the prints
  • FREE Pre-Recorded Videos, online Crop & some FUN with me!!! $30+ value

 2) CADILLAC Kit & Classes will include: Everything you need to create these 28 pages. A TON of paper AND I scored it all ON SALE so I'm passing that savings on to you! $19 SAVINGS! 

PLUS The BEST perk if you ask me, we will Cut & Sort everything! It includes the 14 page protectors which is $15+ and the additional 75 photo mats $17.25 

  • CC10228 These are the days Calendar Kit $42 - Sold out
  • All 4 qty Four Seasons Paper Packs $32
  • 33 Sheets of Cardstock $23+
  • A1269 Memo Alphabet Stamp Set 
  • Z4634 Black & White Dots 
  • 4 yards of Ribbon & 24” Silver Shimmer Trim 
  • Hydrangea Liquid Pearls—Not a ctmh color
  • 14 Page protectors $15
  • 75 Photo mats $
  • Shipping / Handling + NO Sales Tax
  • FREE 36 page Color Guides PRINTED & Emailed $18+ value just for the prints
  • FREE Pre-Recorded Videos, online Crop & some FUN with me!!! $30+ value

Don't forget the BONUS BUNDLE

  I always offer an "Add-On" kit for a little Special. Reg $28.95 ONLY $23

Tuesday, April 5, 2022


 Hooray Hooray Hooray! Rainbow FUN is finally here!

I'm so excited to be releasing this kit. It is 20 GORGEOUS pages filled with FUN, Techniques & everyday cuteness for the whole family!

With over 60+ Photo spots available you'll preserve a ton of memories!!!

Watch the Video HERE: 

WHAT's Included:

  • 20 PRE-CUT & SORTED pages
  • Coated Cardstock 
  • 25+ Colored Cardstocks
  • 16 White Daisy Cardstocks
  • 3 Sheets of Bulk Prints
  • Mix In Paper Pack - March & April
  • 10 Side Load Page Protectors
  • 3 Full Sized Embellishments + 1 partial of Cake Dots *See below
  • 5 Yards of Ribbon
  • 46 Photo Mats $10
  • $5 FREE GIFT From me!
  • Emailed AND Printed Guides $8 Printed Value + $40 E-File Value
  • Shipping from Me $12 Value

Additional Items Needed:

  • TriBlend Markers - The guide will have the exact colors. You will need some from both sets.
  • D2063 Smile Big Operation Smile Stamp Set
  • D2061 Alpha Doodle Stamp Set
  • D2070 Here & Now Stamp Set
  • X7278 Cake Day Dots (They are sold out, I have enough to share with 20 people, but you will need more, I will share a solution)
  • Inks Black & Flamingo
  • Watercolors & Brush
  • Black Stickles or Liquid Pearls
  • Black& Clear Shimmer Brush
  • 1 Pink Sponge Dauber
  • Adhesives of all sorts


A couple things to NOTE:

1) I ended up having a little hospital visit & un-expected DR appts the past 2 weeks so since the materials retired 3/31, I went ahead and pre-ordered enough for my regular number of kits.  HURRY though! It could possibly sell out early. 

2)Kits should start shipping around April 25th & Our online FB Classes will be May 13 & 14th.

3)There will unfortunately NOT be E-Files for purchase for this kit. For a couple reasons - The cricut files on these larger kits have become an on-going nightmare. I used CTMH Digital SVG files - again a Nightmare and i cannot share any modifications I used on them. I also used inspiration from CTMH and other Makers in designing a few of these pages & I don't feel right "selling" them. I also was able to use some oldies but goodies on this kit that I think added nicely to it.  AND lastly people & probably the biggest reason, people have just gotten very difficult for me to deal with regarding "cricut" and what they own & don't own & the error messages, etc. For me, right now its just too much. If you'd like to make my pages, I promise you the kit is worth EVERY penny! Have some fun, spoil yourself & enjoy!!! This kit especially is AMAZING! AND you'll be helping my family too! We appreciate every order!!!

4)The kit is $125 for 20 pages!!! I am very happy with how the pages worked out & used every last scrap of paper I swear. So the value alone is wonderful! Plus I was able to take advantage of the Cardstock savings. CTMH charges $250+ for their 20 page kits. 

5) There is an AMAZING Bonus Bundle I've put together for you! Every year I try to do one Fundraiser to help Operation Smile AND benefit YOU! This bundle is a $75+ value for only $60 and includes 3 amazing stamp sets + 12 Sheets of our newly retired Coated Cardstock!!! That once you play with it, if you haven't already you will LOVE it!!!! So its like getting that Cardstock FREE! You will SAVE $15 AND as an extra Bonus, CTMH donates $7 to Operation Smile from every stamp set, AND I'm going to match it for every bundle purchased and donate $7 myself!!! SO Save $15, Donate $14!!! Win, Win!

Saturday, March 12, 2022



OoOOH My Gosh! Have I said I'm excited lately! 

Seriously, I'm so excited to be getting back to WORKING! I just can't tell you how good it is for my soul. 

Every day, I struggle with fear about how much longer Sean is going to live. Every day is different and so my life is still a hot mess. The biggest thing that has changed is the PRESSURE about where I'm going to live after he passes and how I'm going to live once he is gone. Right now, Chemo is still working so that is GREAT news and he is stable. He will never be "cured" but he's past his 6 months they gave him & we just pray and appreciate every day we have left together.

SO more good news, the old house has SOLD, the closing should be this week & things are all moving in the right direction. If I haven't Thank'd you lately, then THANK YOU for all your amazing support, patience, prayers, and kindness. I'm hoping life for a little while will finally have some consistency instead of constant ciaos! Whoo Hooo! Wouldn't that be a Christmas Miracle???

At any rate I wanted to give you a little break down of the upcoming months & what is happening & I would LOVE to start doing some online and in person classes!!!


Sat March 19th 10 am to Noonish pst CHANTILLY ONLINE FB Class! 

Still want to join us? I have 4 pre-cut kits left! Link is below!

Gigglin' Hearts: CHANTILLY is HERE!!! (gigglinhearts.com)

APRIL 20-22 CTMH Spring Album Retreat!!!

Join me LIVE for this! Want to visit Oregon & have some FUN? So far I have 2 friends coming to play. This album is absolutely beautiful! We'd love to have you! OR join us online and watch the replays! I will set up a live Zoom feed too for us to check in and chat together too!

MY GIFT to you when you purchase it!  A FREE 12x12 Post bound or D-Ring Album! PLUS if you are a VIP you will get 15% in FREE Product!!!

NOTE: They are only going to do 2 a year from now on & the next one isn't until November 2022!


Join me and CTMH for a DAY of FUN!!! Not that the April won't be amazing, but May 7th is going to be something spectacular! You'll want the entire KIT to do ALL the Projects! There is something for scrapbookers, card makers and everyone in between! JOIN the FUN and get a FREE ADHESIVE BUNDLE from me when you purchase the whole kit!

Want to join me LIVE? I would LOVE to have you! Sean will cook, we will laugh & have a GREAT time!

May 13th & 14th - Rainbow of FUN Kit class!

Friday, February 18, 2022


Chantilly is SUCH a FUN and Vibrant Paper Pack! Great for little Girls, Babies, Showers and everything in between! OR Great for Gardening & Gnomes!

I'm so excited to release this CUTE Kit just for you! HURRY! We only have 10 more days to grab the paper for this kit. The E-Files will be available to download on Feb 22nd!

I will be leaving on Vacation Feb 23rd, but my wonderful mom will get it cut while we're gone!


This great kit includes 6 everyday generic pages.
Everything is PRE-Cut and sorted for you by page.

Includes the Sheet Protectors, Photo Mats, A $9 GIFT!!!

Shipping, Colored Instructions AND a FREE Sat Class!

PLUS the option for a Discounted Bonus Bundle!

Be sure to pick up the BONUS Bundle that goes with the Kit!

It includes this limited Edition Addition Page Kit!

PLUS the Stamp Set

Additional Spinners, Pre-Cut circles AND an exclusive DS File to cut more!

$28 Value for only $22!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2022



Big CONGRATULATIONS to My "Happy Hearts" Team!

YOU earned this award by your continued hard work & creativity!

We were FIRST Place in Teams Size Category of under 25 people. Our group of 17 did over $200,000 in sales! WOW!!!! You all are amazing!


Thursday, January 20, 2022

#True Story AND #Disney Story are finally HERE!!!

 Hello friends!

Oooooh My Gosh! I am SO excited!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this album! The everyday one, I actually ADDED my pictures. The Disney one I know you are just going to LOVE! Like SERIOUSLY Love!

This album, which ever version you choose was SO FUN to put together. CRAZY FUN! And the best part, it isn't hard & I've got some GREAT tips on completing it!

AND HELLO!!!! You can join Chris Robertson & I to put it together - Virtually via ZOOM!!!

So much Excitement, one can hardly stand it!!!

OPTION 1: #TrueStory Everyday Version  

Order it Directly from my website HERE

I personally prefer it with the black album!

You will want to add: 

  • Z3230 3x4 Flip Flaps
  • Z3231 4x6 Flip Flaps
  • Z5024 Red Line Adhesive Tape
  • Liquid Glass & Fine Tip Applicator
ORDER BEFORE Jan 28th and I will send you a FREE Bling Bundle to go with your album!
AND you will get an Invitation to the #Truestory CROP - FEB 19th!

OPTION 2: #DisneyStory PRE-CUT Kit & E-Files

Order it Directly from my Kit & E-File Website HERE

The Kit includes EVERYTHING you will need to complete this, with the exception of 3 things I added into a BONUS Bundle for you! Everything will be PRE-CUT, and I will help with assembly on Feb 19th with tips, tricks and tidbits!

This ALBUM holds over 135+ photos! Some of which are 2x2! No PROBLEM! We've got some easy solutions for you!

Before class, I will send out the "E-Files" for you to glance through for questions AND check out the photo sizes and pre-print them if you want!

Kits will start to SHIP around February 4th! Plenty of time for classes on Feb 19th! The sooner you order though, the sooner I can start cutting! DEADLINE for shipping on Feb 4th is Jan 28th!

All kits will get a FREE Surprise for the Crop! Plan to JOIN us!

Did Already order the "Kit" on my website? Just send me a quick email & I'll invoice you for the Disney portion! gincand@gmail.com

Virtual Crop Announcement!


SAVE the DATE!!!

My dear wonderful Friend Chris Robertson and I are excited to be bringing you our First VIRTUAL ZOOM Crop! 
We will be focusing on the #True Story Album Kits!

You don't have to work on that if you just want to join us!
You can CROP and do your own thing and just join in the FUN!

What will you get?
Invitation to exclusive CROP Group!
Invitation to an exclusive Zoom Call for the CROP!
FUNNY Antics & Goofiness!
Flip Flap Technique Teachings!
2x2 Photo advice & Tips!


All we ask is that you make a purchase ON our websites!
OR a Guide Purchase from either of us!

We just want you to JOIN the FUN!!!

For USA friends: Ginni Candelaria
 For Canada friends: Chris Robertson

Friday, January 14, 2022

Valentines Inspiration!


Smitten is HERE! And it is SO darling!

Oh my goodness. I have fallen in LOVE with the cuteness of this paper and stamp set!

Grab it today, before its gone!

The stamp set & thin cuts alone are adorable, but the paper is FABULOUS!!! So bright and cheerful. It will put a smile on anyone's face! The best part it is, it has one side that is very generic and universal! It's really very CUTE! AND CTMH has put together an adorable workshop kit to go with it!

SAVE 20% on Kits!!! + FREE Instructions!

HERE's what I have made so far!

Valentines for all my CTMH VIP's! Are you a VIP yet???

You can bank 15% from EVERY purchase in FREE products!

+ 1/2 Price Item in your Birthday Month!

FREE Samples & Catalogs every other month!

I love these CUTE Shaker Pieces!

Shakers are so fun to make. Here are some of the things you'll want to make them. CTMH carries all these fun things! You can grab them on my website.

I just posted a video how to make these on my FB Page on Sat Jan 8th. 

Z3870 Heart Shaker Window Thin Cut

Z4312 Heart Shaker Window Foam & Acetate

Z5028 Loose Gems Mulberry
Z5021 Wildberry Sequins

Z5027 Candy Apple Loose Gems

Z6014 Acrylic Hearts
Z4523 Pink Mini Hearts

This was such a CUTE Project, that my mom wanted for her sewing friends!

I got the inspiration from Kards by Kadie & Chris Robertson

To make my version, you will need the Smitten Paper & the Cardstock Collection.

  • Capri Cardstock 3-1/2" x 11" Scored at 2-3/4" & 5-1/2"
  • Capri Cardstock 3-1/2" x 4-3/4"
  • Smitten Printed Paper 3-1/4" x 1/2"
  • Smitten Printed Paper 3-1/4 x 4-1/2"
  • White Cardstock 2-3/4" x 4"
Its really very easy to make. Score the Capri Cardstock first. Fold it in half. Add the additional piece of Capri Cardstock to the front of the scored portion. Be sure to only adhere adhesive to the first section on the scored piece.  Fold that flap and rest it against the post-its.

Such a FUN simple easy little gifty!