Tuesday, February 14, 2023

CRICUT / E-File Cutting Guide Updates

Hi Friends & Fans!

I have made a difficult decision. I LOVE designing cricut images & that has sort of been what I'm known for. With the recent path CTMH has taken in regarding cricut images & going to strictly SVG images, I can no longer "SHARE" my images from them. It is also getting increasingly difficult to share my designs used in cricut as well. I will be investing in software so that I can design and share my own images. This will take me some time to get that all under my belt.

I have decided I can no longer share any Cricut / SVG files. I will no longer be selling my guides that include those images. For every 1 file I might sell, I have 100's of emails after the fact asking for help & guidance. "My images won't load, It says this image is Banned, I click on it and nothing happens" The complaints from the multiple systems across the world & who has what images, updates, etc. It is TOO MUCH for me to deal with and most issues are out of my control. Stuff that I can't fix. Cricut has made substantial changes over the years & my old files are complicated to get to work. It causes me so much stress. For this reason I am deciding at this time NOT to continue "selling my files" if you would like just the cut images I will have a new options for that. I am still working out the details in regards to that but be looking for that option coming soon.

As I get back into working full time again this may change but for now, NO Guides with Cricut or SVG images will be sold or shared. That includes International.

Thanks for understanding!