Thursday, January 20, 2022

#True Story AND #Disney Story are finally HERE!!!

 Hello friends!

Oooooh My Gosh! I am SO excited!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this album! The everyday one, I actually ADDED my pictures. The Disney one I know you are just going to LOVE! Like SERIOUSLY Love!

This album, which ever version you choose was SO FUN to put together. CRAZY FUN! And the best part, it isn't hard & I've got some GREAT tips on completing it!

AND HELLO!!!! You can join Chris Robertson & I to put it together - Virtually via ZOOM!!!

So much Excitement, one can hardly stand it!!!

OPTION 1: #TrueStory Everyday Version  

Order it Directly from my website HERE

I personally prefer it with the black album!

You will want to add: 

  • Z3230 3x4 Flip Flaps
  • Z3231 4x6 Flip Flaps
  • Z5024 Red Line Adhesive Tape
  • Liquid Glass & Fine Tip Applicator
ORDER BEFORE Jan 28th and I will send you a FREE Bling Bundle to go with your album!
AND you will get an Invitation to the #Truestory CROP - FEB 19th!

OPTION 2: #DisneyStory PRE-CUT Kit & E-Files

Order it Directly from my Kit & E-File Website HERE

The Kit includes EVERYTHING you will need to complete this, with the exception of 3 things I added into a BONUS Bundle for you! Everything will be PRE-CUT, and I will help with assembly on Feb 19th with tips, tricks and tidbits!

This ALBUM holds over 135+ photos! Some of which are 2x2! No PROBLEM! We've got some easy solutions for you!

Before class, I will send out the "E-Files" for you to glance through for questions AND check out the photo sizes and pre-print them if you want!

Kits will start to SHIP around February 4th! Plenty of time for classes on Feb 19th! The sooner you order though, the sooner I can start cutting! DEADLINE for shipping on Feb 4th is Jan 28th!

All kits will get a FREE Surprise for the Crop! Plan to JOIN us!

Did Already order the "Kit" on my website? Just send me a quick email & I'll invoice you for the Disney portion!