Saturday, March 6, 2021

#Bring Back my Kit SALE

I am SO excited to finally be able to offer this.

Many of you have been SO amazing and have asked "What can I do to Help?"

And we started to brain storm that answer.....

The short answer is I need HELP. Unfortunately what I'm behind on are only things that I can do! 

I need to be able to get caught up on the computer work & fixing the E-files. So the whole world stops hating me.  AND unfortunately I still need to keep working along side fixing the Cricut issues. CTMH does help to pay our bills so during this time when my family is dealing with serious Health issues, its been very HARD to work. We just found out Sean's Cancer is back & in 5 spots in his body. Spreading like hot cakes. Which is NOT good.  Its been a very difficult. A lot of emotional distress, DR appts up the wazoo and so much stress and worry. I am so far behind.

I've been finding and collecting older materials that I've already made great kits out of & it would HELP me tremendously if you needed or missed any of these kits to take them off my hands. 

I've also grabbed a few VIP kits that my VIPs didn't want & can ship to you Disney style OR generic! AND guess what? They brought back the phone stands!!!! So if you didn't get some the first time, they make GREAT gifts!

My mom & Sean & other friends have offered to help with the cutting. The kits are already designed, the instructions are already done & it will free up time for ME to work on the computer, get files caught up, etc & still bring in an income. If you've already done these, no worries, maybe a friend would like one OR maybe you just bought the guide and haven't done it yet? 

I have some GREAT kits incase you missed any of them!

AND THE DEAL.... If you buy 2 or more kits (over $100), you'll save $20 off!


#BB VIP Disney Magic Kit

If you aren't my VIP, guess what???? 
A few of my amazing VIP's volunteered their kits for YOU to buy!

It is SO crazy CUTE!!! It is 8 pages & 8 adorable cards! All with the Disney Flair!

Cost is $67 for the kit from CTMH, Extra Embellishments, Shipping to you, Cutting Guide printed and ALL the Cricut Cuts!

You will need some additional materials & you will need to cut your own pages, but I've done videos to help with that.

HERE is the Original Link for all the pictures.

#BB Phone Holders

JUST in TIME! CTMH Brought back the phone stands. The Mickey & Minnie paper designs maybe a different but similar! It just depends on how many you all want.

CHOOSE 2 Designs for ONLY $20!

Includes 2 qty Wood Holders, papers pre-CUT (Front & Back)! Any Extra Embellishments! PLUS shipping to you!

Email me which ones you would like after you order!

Will SHIP end of March! Easy to Assemble! Limited SUPPLY!


#BB Magical

Hooray!!! This has been one of my most popular kits to date! It is TRULY Magical.

The designs will be those pictured only with the "Magical" papers, vs the more magical. The only real difference is the blues. It uses Crystal Blue vs. Carolina and Sapphire vs. Bluebird.  Still GREAT colors & will look adorable.

The Pre-Cut Kit is $75 and includes everything you will need except the stamp sets. Here is the link for the original post. I did not use the stamps much and it shows all the details. Click Here

I have 10 of this kit ready to be cut!



EEEK - Have you been to Galaxy's Edge yet? I have not and I am SO eager to go. Maybe you didn't grab this kit when it was available but will be going soon!

HURRY I only have 6 of this kit available.

Here is the original post & the actual pages to see. Click Here.


#BB Harry Potter

Another kit I get asked about ALL the time if I have any more of & to begin with I only had a very limited supply. This one I ONLY have 5 of! HURRY!

Here is the Original Post with all the details.