Monday, January 25, 2021

Home Sign - Traditional & DISNEY Style

 Hi Friends!

Did you know its PAPERCRAFTING Month?

Close to My Heart has put together an AMAZING & SUPER Cute Kit Limited Edition set to help celebrate! And what a better project than something for your Home!

The set they've created is REALLY CUTE! And the pictures do NOT do it justice. In person its beautiful.

So check that out first.... AND THEN scroll down to see my "Gone Rogue" Disney Style Home Sign!

Here's the Cute Video that shows all the pieces!

Home Sweet Home DISNEY STYLE

I was having SO much FUN with this kit, I couldn't stop. For my Disney peeps, you are GOING to LOVE this!!! I've got 4 options below & 2 different sets for a total of 29 Disney & Mickey heads. Some are BRAND NEW designs, some are oldies but goodies and ALL are SUPER CUTE!!!! OH MY GOSH I had so much FUN with this!


All options come with THIS frame, un-painted "Home" sign, Generic Mickey Head for a Photo, the Heart, the background paper, 2 magnets and the Ribbon! This is the STARTER!

The FRAME is 16" x 16" in size and a little larger, more substantial and more expensive than the Frame above! It is actually paper but beautifully done with the nice 2" wood framing surround. Shipping for this oversized piece is included and will most likely ship UPS vs. USPS. 

There are 2 options to choose from regarding the Pieces....  Disney CHARACTERS & SEASONAL Mickeys......Your going to want them BOTH!!! LOL they are SO cute!

Each image is just about 6.5" in size when they are all said & done.  I can only really get 2 on a sheet of paper. But seriously.... THEY are SO CUTE! 😍😍😍

The Kits will come complete with 1 or 2 sets of Wood Circles & Magnets, the Shaker pieces, Glitter Cardstock, Dots, Foil paper, our amazing CTMH Cardstock ALL PRE-CUT and ready for assembly! Even the thin cut pieces. It also includes shipping, FREE Colored Instructions, plus Emailed guides. There will NOT be Cricut files included. The cuts will be sorted by color & you will need to find the pieces for each Mickey. Shipping I'm hoping to start shipping them around Feb 10th.

This is for US Shipping only.

Please NOTE: You will need to add your own sequins, black paint, stickles and shimmer brushing. That list of materials will be emailed to you once you purchase a kit.

SEASONAL Mickeys Set


Are you ready to SHOP?

OPTION 1) Seasonal Mickey BUNDLE w/ Frame Starter Pre-Cut Kit $78
This includes the Frame Starter bundle & 14 Seasonal Mickeys all pre-cut. Dots, Ribbons AND Shaker pieces. Plus shipping & Printed instructions!

OPTION 2) Disney Characters BUNDLE w/ Frame Starter Pre-Cut Kit $78
This includes the Frame Starter bundle & 14 Disney CHARACTERS all pre-cut. Dots, Ribbons AND Shaker pieces. Plus shipping & Printed instructions!

OPTION 3) I can't RESIST Bundle - They are ALL so CUTE!  Total $119!
Whoooo HOOO! This is BOTH sets of characters for a total of 29 qty 6" Mickeys & Characters, The Frame starter kit and 2 sets of the wood circles, magnets, dots, ribbons AND shaker pieces. Plus special THANK YOU! 

Don't want the "HOME" sign but want my images?

This is a set of all 29 images PRE-CUT in aprox a 4" size. Perfect for my scrapbookers! 

Shipping is included too! The bundle includes Glitter paper, Foil Paper, our amazing CTMH Cardstocks, Dots & Ribbon & ready for quick assembly. That's $2 for each image & I do all the hard work, the CUTTING! You'll need to add sequins, stickles, shimmer brushing to bling them up. Unfortunately the shaker pieces won't fit so they are not included. $2 for a 4" Mickey head PRE-CUT. That really is a great buy!

Unfortunately there will NOT be an E-FILE available for this kit. I know many of you enjoy them & it really is with great disappointment for me. I may offer it at a later time. Cricut has been such a royal nightmare & continues to be a daily basis in my world. People are frustrated and I completely understand. Believe me, I am too. So for now please understand I need to do this so I don't end up quitting all together & so you don't all end up hating me. Because that's how I feel literally EVERY DAY in regards to my E-Files. 
That being said too, I still have hundreds of files to update under their new program. And I apologize again for being so behind on them. Unfortunately I still need to work & provide my part of our income & stopping all together to get them caught up is a lot of strain & pressure. Not doing the guides is strain all on its own for us so THANK YOU for being patient & understanding.


LASTLY Check this OUT!

SO I ruined mine & that's what brought this about. It was so discouraging. I worked so hard on creating these pieces and then not only ruined my sign but had to "Re-Do" 8 of the image pieces. 

That's when I realized they would fit in our cute Stamp organizer AND the stamp sleeves!
The fit PERFECTLY.  AND the stamp sleeves are a MUST. They keep the magnets from ruining the papers and marking them up. They are a little cha-ching though. BUT so worth it! This sign will last you for years. Why not protector your investment & time creating them!!!

If you ordered the I couldn't RESIST BUNDLE (both sets) then you'll need 2 boxes & 10 packs of the stamp sleeves. I'm not offering that as a Bundle because I couldn't ship them to me & then to you and save you any money. As a VIP though, you can SAVE 15% on your NEXT order, making it around $78  to protect BOTH sets! Half if your only creating one!

Z1038 My Acrylix Organizer

Z335 Stamp Envelopes 3 per pack!
You will need 5 for 1 sets OR 10 for both!

BONUS!!!! When you order them Directly on my WEBSITE, I will send you everything to Label & decorate the boxes for FREE!