Thursday, July 30, 2020

Craft with Heart Disney Style!

Craft with Heart is Close to My Hearts Scrapbook subscription that comes out Monthly, Quarterly OR Yearly! The pages are FUN and easy to dress up. They are super fast & a blast but sometimes they need a little something.  For this quarters kit, the pages and colors were JUST right for Disney!

THERE are 3 ways to ORDER THIS!

This is an Add-On Kit for the Craft with Heart Pages only.

1.) Order just the Add on Kit for $39 which includes 20 sheets of Cricut cuts & additional papers, $15 Bling bundle, Colored Printed Instructions, My time FREE for cutting them AND Shipping to you!

2.) SAVE 50% OFF - Order the Quarterly Subscription 4 Months option on my CTMH Website. The Link is below. THEN you will need to order the add on kit.
Once you order the subscription I will send you an email for $19 OFF the ADD On kit!

3.) GET it FREE! When you order the Yearly Subscription you will get the ADD On Kit for FREE! Plus Free shipping from CTMH, Free Photo Prints & you'll be locked in for the whole year of FUN!  I can tell you the next quarters are BEAUTIFUL! EEK! Can't wait!

HURRY these pages go away August 31st 2020.

If you are interested in my E-Files. I'm sorry for this kit I don't have them available. There isn't really any cutting guides to speak of. Plus in Cricut with the CTMH images being SVG I can not share them. They will NOT cut so you'll have to insert your own. AND I used Disney images that are no longer for sale if you don't currently own them. SO really I would feel awful about selling them to you. You may purchase the Add on Kit & I will send you the instructions & all the Cricut cuts.

NOTE: If you previously purchased the yearly subscription let me know!