Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The NEWEST Cricut Cartridge from CTMH is here!

AND ONLY available through consultants on CRICUT.com!
Its called "COMPLETE CREATIVITY" and the pictures are below for it!

Here are a few cards I created with in the Card Extravaganza!

I am SO excited. CTMH has partnered with Cricut to make us consultants part of their affiliate program. SO now not only can you access our CTMH cartridges in Cricut Access, BUT you can also purchase the cartridges directly from them through me!

Its actually very cool. Because many of you don't have the old cartridges and now you can through the monthly subscription OR if you don't want the subscription, you can also purchase them now!

The Newest Cartridge "COMPLETE CREATIVITY" is only available for purchase through a consultant on the Cricut site.

AND because consultants are "Cricut Affiliates" now any purchase you purchase for mats, blades, vinyl etc  if you click on my link before you start shopping, I will get a kick back. SO please remember that when purchasing from them. You will get all the same sales, etc. I appreciate any little extra's!

AND that also includes NEW Access Membership. Which up until now I didn't want to sign up for access because I didn't want the monthly fee.  I have to say its pretty cool! First you will have "access" to every CTMH cartridge (except for the new one) with out having to buy them. BUT you also get 10% off their website ALL the time. SO any deals they offer, you then get an extra 10% off additional. AND you will have "access" to thousand of images. Its pretty awesome! It doesn't include Complete Creativity though. SO if you'd like the images below, be sure to click on the link & buy it directly!

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