Sunday, October 6, 2019


Be looking for this logo in the coming months. A friend of mine that does another direct sales company, chooses a different charity every month that she donates her proceeds too. And I always LOVED that. This has been brewing in my head for a while. I am going to try to have one kit EVERY month, that the proceeds from the kit AND e-files will be donated to a charity of my choosing. Each month will be a different charity & I'll be adding page to my blog where all this information will be held. Now granted my life is sort of turned upside down right now, so I may miss a month here or there.

This month I chose the American Cancer Society for our charity. The reason being it hits so close to home for us. AND I truly have been helped by the proceeds they raise. My husband Sean has been diagnosed with Cancer stage 4 that has spread. We will be needing help from them again & I appreciate so much the work they do in HELPING cancer patients! 

If your not a crafter or don't want to make this months project, but still want to donate, here is the link.


These are 11" Letters that will stand up to create an amazing message for an cancer patient!

The kit includes, the 5 qty chipboard letters, the cricut cuts & all the paper, the embellishments & shipping to you! PLUS full color instructions printed AND a Bonus BUNDLE that includes FREE adhesive AND shipping!

All profits & proceeds from this kit will be donated to the American Cancer Society on November 1st & I will share with all of you how much we raised!

Don't forget to add your bonus bundle at check out for the FREE adhesive & shipping on the stamp sets! On a side note this NEW green glue is AMAZING for this project! I HIGHLY recommend it!