Saturday, November 17, 2018

Day 4: Mini Album Mania

Day 4 is all about these super CUTE & GREAT Gift Mini Albums!
You will absolutely LOVE how fast they go together with my instructions.

E-FILES for all 3 is only $18.00 - That's only $6. an album!


Pre-Cut Kits, each album is available signally. The Christmas one is included in the "I WANT IT ALL" kit. The other 2 are BONUS albums & must be purchased separately.

They are each $35 and included ALL the materials needed to complete them!

NOTE: The cost for these is 100% materials. I never charge for my time. You will need to add shipping to you. You'll ONLY pay for shipping ONCE and you can "Fill" your box with as many kits as you'd like for that price.

Christmas Album (included in IWA kit)

Memories Album (BONUS Album KIT)

Life Album (BONUS Album KIT)